Sophie BRUNEAU, fondatrice d’AFFINESSENCE

PERFUME, a passion that won’t let go!
I’ve always been drawn to perfumes. At an early age, I collected samples and adverts. I was a ballet dancer, piano player and sculptor, but out of all the arts it was perfume that I threw myself passionately into!

25 years’ experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry
As Marketing Director, I created, developed and launched a number of perfumes and cosmetics for several high-profile brands. I have a soft spot for brands which are deeply rooted in nature, where I can cultivate my passion for natural ingredients. I have always been determined to develop fragrances hand in hand with perfumers: directing the creative process while respecting their skills and artistic sensitivity. It is only in this way that we can create a product which resonates with every one of our senses.

2015, … The Base Notes Collection!
I wanted to take my passion and conviction to the next level, and this is why I decided to launch my own perfume collection. This project has been growing in my heart for a long time : combining the audacity of a “base-focused” line of perfumes with the nec plus ultra in quality.

Creation must always go hand in hand with passion, so I wanted this artistic endeavour to be imbued with a real sense of meaning and a real connection to my brand, AFFINESSENCE.

Wearing a perfume by AFFINESSENCE means imbuing your senses and your spirit with a truly original presence and signature.

AFFINESSENCE dedicates this collection to those who love exemplary quality. Above all, this is dedicated to those who are sensitive, who choose a smell, a fragrance and the emotions it provokes. This is for those who want to let their senses and their heart speak out.

Close your eyes and follow your instincts: choose “your” Parfum d’Excellence from the collection … and let yourself be carried away!

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