Gritti Venetia is an expression of the ancient art Alvise Gritti explored with curiosity in the sixteenth century, combined with his experiences during his many journeys between Venice and Constantinople.

Of noble origins, a merchant and diplomat, the witness of intrigues and surprising discoveries at the palace, Gritti had already had the idea of condensing the emotions he felt into something light and immortal, olfactory images expressed with precious perfume ingredients.


Nowadays, Gritti Venetia is a family-run perfume house led by Luca Gritti, the rebel of the niche perfumery and the creative spirit behind the fragrances: strong, bold, different — and absolutely breathtaking.

Gritti Venetia was born as Luca Gritti’s homage to his family’s history and its deep, longstanding connection with Italian perfumery. A descendant of a noble Venetian dynasty, Gritti pays tribute to his ancestor, the politician and merchant Alvise Gritti, and creates new rules for the world of niche fragrances.

The brand’s history began in 2009 with the first perfumes under the name of the Gritti family. They form the Black Collection, now embodying the perfumer and brand founder’s creative path and including bestsellers such as 19-68, Decimo, Rebellion. Some years later, maison perfume presented the White Collection, where Luca Gritti looks at femininity’s different aspects through the most appealing fragrance families: floral, fruity, and gourmand.

After the worldwide success of Chantilly, Rebrodè, and Macramè, the brand launched I Turchesi, an homage to the south of Italy, its breathtaking colors and perfumes. Pomelo Sorrento shortly became the bestseller; its vivid, luminous character marks the brand’s olfactive signature and represents the new standards of luxury perfume made in Italy, together with heady compositions of the Ivy Collection.

The quintessence of Gritti Venetia is Gritti Privé selection, dressed in velvet and 24-carat gold. These bold, rich, and eclectic extrait de parfum represent the nature of Italian style and the utmost attention to the highest quality perfumery ingredients, typical for niche fragrances.

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