Le Galion Perfume House was based in a mansion house in Paris. It was in this peaceful and elegant atmosphere that the formulas and products were developed and the fragrances packaged. It was a unique place where one was able to smell “rare and exotic” aromas filling the air. From these fragrance laboratories emerged delicate scents which had been carefully developed and matured over time. The inspiration for these fragrances often came from the flowers in the garden of the mansion house and from nature itself. Le Galion searched all over the world in order to find the unique flowers and rare materials which were to be used in its creations. It refused to follow the trend at that time and diversify, preferring to concentrate instead on the production and distillation of high quality fragrances. But Le Galion Perfume House also believed that just creating a great fragrance was not enough. The House realised that they also needed to have the best possible container, in order to protect the fragility, freshness and longevity of the fragrance. A crystal bottle design was chosen and commissioned for this task. It bore the symbol of the perfume house, one of a galleon sailing on the high seas. Today, once again, the fragrances of the Le Galion Perfume House share the same unique legacy. They are developed with the same care and know-how in our laboratories in Grasse and manufactured in the south of France; the objective being to recreate these exceptional fragrances, enshrined in the tradition of the Le Galion Perfume House.

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