Majda Bekkali is French, but was born into a long-standing noble family of Fes, Morocco.
Nurtured by the arts and scents from an early age, she has travelled through marvellous stories of her fanciful ancestors; conquerors or mystical healers, builders of sacred cities or Amazigh princess, travellers or dissenters.
Today, she sees herself as a storyteller.
At the age of eighteen, she arrived in Paris, pursued graduate studies in art history, took on the creative direction of fragrances for various well-known brands and in 2009, driven by a dedicated passion for scents and the raw materials of olfactory, she established her own perfume house.
All her creations stand at the crossroads between Oriental and European influences. Her olfactory signature is unique, characterized by very rich and complex compositions, with the finest materials, and always in high concentrations – all the fragrances are « Extrait de Parfum ».

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