The Power of Love
Love is the most mysterious force of our universe.

Its magic can change everything in seconds, its attraction keeps space and time at a standstill, and often its power beats like lightning, sometimes unpredictably, but always intensely.
Nothing makes us as brave, curious and creative as the power of love.
Out of the burning sensation of passion, the most expressive creations and most unique stories ever have been created, so special that they are kept in diaries on precious papers written with ink that never fades.
The diary of their personal love story was written by
Tanja Bublitz and Stefan Cozma. Tanja Bublitz, the fourth generation to manage the traditional perfumery Brückner in Munich, has not only succumbed to the world of fragrances because of her profession, she also knows how to interpret the magic of the moment olfactorily like no other.
For many years she has been inspired and supported, both privately and professionally, by her husband Stefan Cozma.
The story of the two finds expression in “The Essences of Love” the joint perfume brand Philly & Phill.
The fragrance creations by Philly & Phill are a tribute to love and its facets. Each fragrance represents a special place and moment of their encounter, whose essence and inherent spell have been captured in a bottle.

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