The delightful City of Flowers, as it is known in Italy, is encircled by terraces where every known variety of ...flower is grown, such as jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley, freesia, countless varieties of rose and the highly prized and practically unique tuberose. Borea opens with notes as unusual and esoteric as the brilliant mind which conceived these gardens, with the exotic sweetness of coconut accompanied by a combination of pear and succulent plum offset against the gentle bitterness of almond. These unique, innovative top notes rest on a bed of millions of precious flowers like the garden of Eden. The middle is the true essence of this creation, in which the mellowness and hypnotic seduction of jasmine, paired with the distinctive and irresistible allure of tuberose, is underscored by the steady strength of the bouquets of freesia and musk rose in counterpoint with lily of the valley, black magnolia – which flowers only once every two years – and white iris. Underpinning the entire creation is a solid foundation of base notes with prized woody essences – namely Indian sandalwood and oakmoss – which, however, is softened by the sweetness of vanilla emphasized by the deafening silence of musk.  


Powdery, Sweet, Vanilla, White Floral


Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter


Mens, Womens





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