Corfu Kumquat


CORFU KUMQUAT takes its name and source material from the regal Grecian island of Corfu.

...px">The brief for him: a mysterious citrus, with the mood of AEDES PERFUMERY in mind. Nothing sweet or simple. Knowing that citrus scents tend to fade the fastest, he paired kumquat with Calabrian bergamot, a bracing squeeze to signal the dawn of something new. The cedrat Calabrian bergamot, the star of Earl Grey tea, comes from the thick rind of the fruit. It brings a spiciness that is balanced by notes from tangerine, mandarin and neroli. Salty ambrox and mystical olibanum take us to the seaside landscape.

Ginger, lavender, Granny Smith apple and rhubarb add a rounded fruitiness to the center. And Alaskan cedar, from a species of trees in the cypress family, vetiver, captive musks and tonka weave the dark background that unknowingly holds the citrusy cocktail together.

Perfumer Ilias Ermenidis describes a “unique and joyful emotion creating an accord so close to my heart, where kumquat from the island of Corfu marries with Calabrian bergamot and where salty ambrox and mystical olibanum are there to remind us which part of the world we are traveling to with our senses.”







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