Cologne du Maté


“Pick a mandarine, peel the fruit and remove the segments, place them around a glass of iced mate.” for Cologne ...du Maté, Alberto Morillas has transposed the cocktail recipe into a perfume, with undoubted mastery and harmony. An unexpected olfactory love at first sight between two raw materials: on the one hand, the sweet bitterness of mandarine citrus notes; on the other, the herbaceous and nuanced accords of tea leaves. These two ingredients merge at the heart of the composition, giving rise to an alchemy that operates instantly.
The essence of mandarin meets here a very rare raw material in perfumery, the absolute of mate, which is here iced to the extreme. The fresh paradisone stretches like a waterfall the zesty and fruity citrus notes, enriched by the delicately aromatic essence of sage. A thin-skinned encounter between an exceptional zest and leaf.


Citrus, Mate, Musky, Woody


Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter


Mens, Womens



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