Powder, blushes and balms are laid out on the dressing table, waiting to be applied on the skin before exceptional ...night out. In front of the mirror, a woman prepares herself, watched with discretion by a man. This man is the master perfumer Alberto Morillas, who draws inspiration from her gestures to create a pure concentrate of femininity. The most precious ingredients enhance the natural scent of the skin, like a hint of blush sublimating the pink of a cheek.
Luxury is a delicate bouquet composing this fragrance includes orange blossom, iris and irone, a molecule naturally present in the rhizome that provides a powdery signature. Among the base notes, the enveloping and balmy accents of benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean. All the velvety texture of a woman’s skin transposed into a scented trail, with roundness and softness.


Musky, Powdery, Vanilla, White Floral


Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter





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