Mizensir was founded in 1999 by Alberto Morillas. As a perfumer who has been behind many worldwide successes in modern perfumery, he and his wife decided to found a House dedicated to craftsmanship and know-how by offering scented candles and perfumes.
Over the years and as a family, they developed a wide selection of scents and collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion to offer them olfactory signatures.
We have to go back to the origins of the brand, when Alberto Morillas and his
wife, Claudine, decided to create their first candles in the family kitchen. At the time, the perfumer couldn’t find scented candles on the market that lived up to his expectations.
So he set out to match the quality and excellence of fine fragrance, despite the many challenges involved in restoring the scent of a burning candle.
Handcrafted in Geneva, each Mizensir candle is a unique piece, to which the greatest attention is dedicated. A refined and sober container that guarantees an optimal diffusion of the fragrances. A mineral wax of controlled origin as well as a wick woven in pure cotton ensure that Mizensir candles perfectly reproduce the essences
created by Alberto Morillas. The candles are available in a hundred fragrances, gathered in different collections.
For more than 40 years, Alberto Morillas has lived in the Geneva countryside, close to the mountains, surrounded by two Jack Russell’s terriers. When he founded the
brand, he thought of representing them in an elegant coat of arms in which his two companions obviously hold a central place.

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