Perfect Oud


Freeze frame. Heated by the embers, a few pieces of oud burn very slowly. In front of our eyes, the ...metamorphosis of an extraordinary wood which reveals all its depth. Nevertheless, this is only a vision. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas chose not to use the natural essence of the famous wood, while rather representing its olfactory memory. The emotions evoked by the memory of the embers that turn crimson, the fine volutes perfuming at once our body, the fabrics and our skin are therefore highlighted.
Perfect Oud is woody memory, the Alaskan cedar is the undisputed protagonist. Rarely used in perfumery, it gently reveals nuances of leather and incense. Refreshed by coriander and bergamot, it burns with cade wood. Incandescent and radical, it becomes rounder in contact with the floral notes of rose and iris. And the scroll finally becomes a scented trail.


Leather, Oriental, Oud, Powdery, Woody


Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter


Mens, Womens



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