Poudre d’Or


The last glimmers of the King Star cradle the only room still lit. Thus falls the twilight and the flame ...of the candles takes over. The atmosphere becomes soft, the subdued light takes on a fine golden powder. Just like a magician, master perfumer Alberto Morillas in Poudre d’Or chose to capture these golden moments and transpose them into a fragrance. He therefore borrows from his olfactory palette the most luminous, comforting and timeless ingredients.
The paradisone merges here with the sunny sweetness of tiare flower. A powdery, almost tactile sensation is offered by a rare duo of musks and iris concrete. Sandalwood and vanilla superabsolute bring a round and bewitching depth. The perfumer’s work therefore evokes the one of the alchemist, who balances his dosages to obtain the golden lightness proper to the evening light.


Musky, Powdery, Vanilla, White Floral


Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter


Mens, Womens



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